Contemporary Caos - Guernica 2020
La descontrucion Social que vive la vida de un co - working space en barcelona, hecho y vivido por emprendedores en pleno caos contemporaneo
Prevention is the Key
Las Meninas
La meninas, vidriera para el coworking @fiubcn
OSS001 | On Sight Series - @_mari.te ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Coming from Spain's capital, On Sight Series presents its first V.A. release with tracks from Adam Collins & Felipe Valenzuela, Only Slave Nation, Atree, and Chavez.
Dirty South - Barcelona
Dirty south, was a restaurant floribean kitchen in the center of barcelona, i was doing the project the most part of year i was almost all restaurant.
Antifolio - Santiago Vasquez
Dying In Paradise: Frida interventionx
Inspired by Frida Kahlo this shooting is about her influence in the actual woman, with pure latin american aesthetics. Model @randomlovers Makeup @romamakeup Outfit looks @araneana Special thanks to Frida Kahlo Music By : Antonio Bribiesca
Exploring Art Movements
Exploring and reinterpreting art movements
illustrations with mixed techniques.
"Ros" by Be Kate
Lettering made by Anna Gabriella Herrera and Textile design made by me for BeKate in collab with Rosmeri Marval /// "Ros" by BeKate, Collection 2015. @bekatesw
60/50 Bistro
A r a n e a
Aranea - Colombia.
"El Caldo Mora'o"
Bachelor's Degree project for the title of "Art and Graphic Design", about visual culture through color association with the most iconics venezuelan gastronomic elements, 2015 /// Design: Melanie Ng & Anna Gabriella Herrera /// Idea: Melanie Ng & Anna Gabriella Herrera /// Creative Direction: Melanie Ng, Anna Gabriella Herrera & Jesús Soto /// Book Cover: Melanie Ng /// Photography: Jesús Soto, Andrés Gonzáles, Melanie Ng & Anna Gabriella Herrera /// Photo-retouching: Melanie Ng & Anna Gabriella Herrera /// Collaboration: Lalo Hernández, Julieta Nuñez, Manuel Gómez, Richard Cadrouce, Luis Mendoza, Shedy Hanna, Ng Guzmán & Caverzan Family (Thanks!) /// Universidad Arturo Michelena. San Diego, Venezuela.
Fashion Stylist - Jessica Miranda
Pasteleria - IL Dolce.
MM x Randomlovers
Fotografia: Jesus Soto Mua; Neiza Hernandez
Tu creatividad vale mucho dinero
Mural hecho con pintura al frio, en la galeria de arte braulio salazar, valencia Venezuela
Fashion Stylist, Personal Brand - Yi Min Shum
Carlota x Randomlovers
Fotografia: Jesus Soto
Cosas que se de Venezuela
Libro Ilustrado de cosas que se de Venezuela, mi pais.
Ecosistemas - Muestra
Exposición y muestra de mi muestra ecosistemas junto con intervención de fachada a espacio anana
Lettering para el Fotografo Caraqueño @Vombagram
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